‘My Teen Life’ casting poster: “F*ck parents. They’re old and don’t know sh*t”

My Teen Life reality show casting poster by Metal Flowers Media

Got a troubled teen and you’re not sure what to do with him or her? Have your calls to the Dr. Phil show repeatedly gone unanswered? Then perhaps you should consider taking the lemons you’ve been given and turning them into lemonade by making your teen a reality show star!

Metal Flowers Media is currently casting for a new show titled My Teen Life which will, according to the recruitment poster shared on Facebook (above), feature “hard core teens who celebrate youth and live life to the fullest while they can.”

Actually, the poster is geared more towards the kids themselves than the parents as it includes these YOLO-esque words that I assume they want potential applicants to live by (at least until they become parents themselves):

F*ck parents

They’re old and don’t know sh*t.

The poster also seems to suggest they are looking for teen drug users with this message, which is cleverly coded so that parents won’t notice:

It’s 4:20 and time for you and you friend Molly to tell your story.

Interested? Head on over to the Metal Flowers Media casting page and fill out your application now!

* It should be noted that this could jut be a clever trap being set by Metal Flowers Media for some sort of teen boot camp reality show. That poster sure smells a lot like bait to me!

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