MY 600 LB LIFE Robin and Garrett, at a combined 1200+ pounds, are in a race against time

My 600 Lb Life Robin and Garrett 1

The My 600 Lb Life Robin and Garrett episode turned out to be a surprise for the show: the producers’ intent was originally just to feature Robin, but wound up adding her morbidly obese nephew Garrett’s weight loss journey as well. Now that they’ve made their reality TV debut, how are Robin and Garrett doing? And are they still working with Dr. Now?

Like their Season 7 predecessors Octavia Gahagans and Brianne Smith Dias, Robin McKinley started with low spirits and high hopes. Robin’s peak weight of 648 pounds translates to a painful, uncomfortable life in a wheelchair. The former teacher can no longer walk at her current weight, as the cartilage in her knees has all but worn away.

Robin’s original intent was to travel to Dr. Nowzaradan from her home in southwest Kansas with her husband, James, and her brother, Chris. When Chris suffered a heart attack in his sleep, though, Robin’s nephew (and Chris’ son) Garrett asked to come with instead. The 20-year-old Garrett also weighs over 600 pounds, and he and Robin both know that the clock is always working against them.

“I think I do need [the trip],” Garrett says. “Honestly, I have been thinking about it a lot. And if I were able to help better myself, I might be able to help my dad — be able to be there for him.”

And, when the two finally do meet Dr. Nowzaradan — accompanied by Robin’s husband James — it’s clear the doctor’s words are a wake-up call for both. But it’s Garrett who arguably receives the bigger shock, as the typically blunt Dr. Nowzaradan does not mince words.

Garrett, Dr. Now is surprised to note, is “over 600 pounds too” despite his young age. “That’s a lot of weight gain in a short time at that age,” he tells Garrett. “So, you’re on track to be the world’s heaviest person if something doesn’t change.”

Eventually, we learn of one more impediment standing in Robin’s way: the 40-year-old is also a smoker. And quitting smoking is very likely a requirement for her to get weight loss surgery approval.

By now, it’s well known that all of the show’s cast members are required to keep to pretty strict social media standards after being filmed for the show. Still, we have been able to find out a few things about the two following the My 600 Lb Life Robin and Garrett episode announcement — and you can honestly interpret them as either encouraging or discouraging.

For starters, here’s the most recent photo Robin has made public. She shared it over the summer; based on her appearance, it’s possible the picture was taken before her serious involvement with Dr. Now, and not after her episode had finished filming:

My 600 Lb Life Robin and Garrett June 2018

And here’s the most recent photo Garrett has made public, which he shared just a few months back. It’s tough to tell whether he’s lost much weight, but he does look happy:

My 600 Lb Life Robin and Garrett October 2018

Unfortunately, it sounds like any weight Garrett may have lost would have come without Dr. Now’s assistance. Last August, Garrett started a GoFundMe specifically to help cover the costs associated with starting his weight loss journey. However, he didn’t mention Dr. Now by name, so it’s possible Garrett has found a doctor closer to home.

“I have found a Dr. That will help me with weight loss and weight loss surgery,” Garrett wrote. “But I need help for travel expenses and moving expenses to Houston TX. Please donate and help my better my life.”

Garrett’s GoFundMe is still active; as of this writing, he has yet to receive a donation.

On the other hand, Robin’s social media profile still lists Houston as her current city. So, regardless of how her weight loss journey is going, it seems clear that she’s still working with Dr. Now. Hopefully, Robin will all get the help she needs — and more.

You can stream the My 600 Lb Life Robin and Garrett episode here, via TLC.

(Photo credits: My 600 Lb Life Robin and Garrett via TLC, Facebook)

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