MUGSHOTS Florida men accused of snorting human and dog ashes

Mugshots of Matrix Andaluz, Jose David Diaz Marrero and Waldo Soroa

Five suspects allegedly broke into a Marion County, FL home for a burglary and tried to get high by sniffing human and dog ashes they believed was cocaine.

Back on December 15th the Keith Richards wannabes, Waldo Soroa, 19, Jose David Diaz Marrero, 19, Matrix Andaluz, 18 and two juveniles allegedly broke into a home in Silver Springs and stole multiple items, including electronics, jewelry and of course the reason I’m writing this post, the ashes of the home owner’s father and two great danes.  This is all according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

This is like some Cheech and Chong movie but worse.  There isn’t a Hollywood script writer that would have ever concocted this farcical of a drug movie scene, that is unless they hailed from Florida! This same group of young men were also charged with another burglary in the same community, but thankfully no ashes or people were harmed during that invasion.

Here are 3 full mugshot images of the adults being tried for the crimes:

Jose David Diaz Marrero:

Jose David Diaz Marrero

Matrix Andaluz:

Matrix Andaluz

Waldo Soroa:

Waldo Soroa

According to the authorities the burglars realized that the powdery substance wasn’t cocaine and tried to throw it away.  Police are currently working with a dive team to try and find the remains.

Here’s a video report filed by

As for the above Florida joke I reserve that right as a proud resident of the sunshine state!

All Photos: Splashnews