MUG SHOT Florida man impersonates CIA agent, points gun at pregnant woman in attempt at scoring drugs



Every once in awhile, a story about a person asking the police for help scoring drugs pops up, and we all laugh–rightfully so. This particular story, though, might be the one to top them all. And, of course, it takes place in Florida.

The trouble began when a young man named Meltz Celestin, aged all of 18, dialed the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. Celestin told the actual, real police that he was an honest-to-God CIA agent, and that he needed some help making a drug bust. Specifically, could the police please bring some marijuana to the address that Celestin specified, so he could catch the would-be criminals. Celestin offered to let the police make the arrests after he apprehended the suspects.

The problem, though, is that none of that was true. When police arrived at the address Celestin specified, they found the teenager brandishing a 9mm pistol at the air and at the family of five into whose driveway he had pulled just a moment before.

According to testimony taken from the family members after the fact, they were packing their car for a trip to a nearby waterpark when Celestin pulled up, jumped out of his car, identified himself as an undercover CIA agent, and began shouting for everyone to get on the ground. He pointed his gun at the pregnant mother of the family several times, prompting the father to shield her with his body and implore Celestin to put his gun down.

Fortunately for everyone involved, the police were able to apprehend Celestin without incident. They confiscated his weapon, and, upon searching his vehicle, discovered eight ounces of marijuana in a plastic bag.

Celestin, who had previously been arrested on counts of trespassing and battery, was arrested for aggravated assault with a concealed weapon, carring a concealed weapon, and possession of marijuana. His bail has not been set.


(Photo credits: Lee County Sheriff’s Office; sunglasses via Flickr)

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