MUG SHOT 83-year-old male prostitute busted neck kissin’

Mug Shot Ben Clifford Dawson

In these difficult financial times a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Even if this means turning to the world’s oldest profession as an octogenarian male prostitute. Deuce Bigalow, this is your future sir!

The man you see is above is Mr. Ben Clifford Dawson (83) of Centerville, Iowa. The fine ladies and gentlemen of the Centerville Police Department got a tip that Dawson had offered to perform sex acts on a woman to repay a loan. He allegedly grabbed this unidentified woman and started kissing up on her neck without permission. While this would make for a compelling episode of Law & Order AARP the authorities were none too pleased.

In turn, the cops busted Ben and sent him rowing down Dawson’s creek without a paddle. He faces two misdemeanor charges of; prostitution and intent to commit sexual abuse. What makes this worse is that “Clawhands” Clifford is currently seeking political office on the Centerville City Council. Ben is out on bail after posting a $2,000 bond. At least he was still grinning in his mug shot.

Why does it always have to be politicians!?! Now word yet if Dawson’s penalty will be more stiff than his money maker.

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