Missing Penn State student Jon Steindorf: Parents went for graduation, learned he dropped out last fall

State College - Jon Steindorf

Pennsylvania police are searching for Jon Steindorf after he disappeared without a trace last week. His parents discovered he was missing when they went to his apartment to pick him up for graduation — but later learned he dropped out in 2014.

“We love him and want him to come home to us,” dad Paul Steindorf told Centre Daily. “That’s all that matters to us is that he’s safe at home.”

Paul explained 23-year-old Jon told him he finished his studies last fall, but delayed graduation until the spring. Paul and wife Joanne have since learned Jon stopped classes in 2014. Despite the surprise, both said their only concern right now is for their son’s safety.

“We’ve been in contact with all of his friends, everybody they know, and really are just at a loss as to his whereabouts,” Joanne told The Collegian. “We really are clueless about where he could be.”

Jon was last seen by his roommate before noon on Friday. He left his phone, ID, keys and credit cards. His parents said foul play is not suspected.

This is potentially a totally different situation, but something that seems worth mentioning: Jon’s case comes one week after a lengthy ESPN report about late Penn State student-athlete Madison Holleran, who committed suicide in January 2014 — to the shock of friends and family members who said they never suspected anything was wrong. The new report emphasizes that it’s ok to admit that not everything is ok. It isn’t “weak” to seek help.

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