Miss Teen Louisiana Arrested, Loses Crown

In what was either a brilliant publicity stunt, or just a pretty young pageant blonde being a pretty young pageant blonde, Miss Louisianna Teen USA Lindsey Evans skipped out on a restaurant bill but left her purse behind with a bag of marijuana inside. When she returned to get her purse the police were there filling out a report and arrested her.

Subsequently, her crown was pulled by pageant officials, who released a generic, morally upright statement condemning Lindsey’s actions. All of this with less than two weeks left of her reign! Brilliant publicity stunt? Ignorance? Our money’s on the latter, but if you leave out intentionality, it’s hard to deny the former. Certainly there will be a sex tape, reality show, and/or forthcoming album.

******EXCLUSIVE UPDATE!!! Starcasm.net paper-azzi are on the scene of what appears to be Miss Evans’ latest robbery! It seems she stole a “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” poster from the AMC 6 movie theater just outside of Shreveport. Here’s an image from the crime scene:

Former Miss Teen Louisianna Lindsey Evans latest crime

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