Mel Gibson’s Girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva Beautiful Heartache Video

Oksana Grigorieva from the Beautiful Heartaches video

It’s nice to be reminded that all men are created equal and as such, we are all equally likely to do something ridiculous for some hot bootay. Mel Gibson is unsurprisingly no exception as he continues to promote the musical career of his hot new Russian thang Oksana Grigorieva. Her latest is a video for the title track from her upcoming album Beautiful Heartache:

Ahhhhhhh, good ol’ heavy-handed passion imagery…and in Mexico no less! With tango dancers! And a knife thrower! (In prison?) And a flaming piano! And the fires are fed by Apocalyptoksana’s overly breathy torch song vocals, “I like the way you wear your skin, I like the way you wear your skin, I like the way you wear your skin, I like the way you wear your skin…”

It’s great to think one of Hollywood’s top-payed producers is spending his time making cheesy high-budget videos for his pregnant Russian girlfriend, but I can’t help but hope that someday, maybe, some desperate young hottie will hook up with Michael Moore. I would pay the $8.50 ticket price to see Flipper and Me: Genocide of the Dolphins at the theater!

Here are some of my favorite snapshots, including the knife thrower, the knife catcher, some smoky tango choreography and a flaming piano:

Snapshops from the Oksana Grigorieva video Beautiful Heartaches

Read all about Mel knocking up Oksana (including an illustration of how it happened) here, and watch Oksana’s first video for “Say My Name” here.

To hear more from Oksana, including the song “Flying Upside Down,” head over to