MBFAGW Priscilla Kelly uses bloody tampon prop in wrestling match, goes viral & sparks debate

As we previously posted about, My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding star Priscilla Kelly has since moved on to pursue a career as a fishnetted goth professional wrestler billed as “Hell’s Favorite Harlot.” As you might have guessed given her slogan, Priscilla is not opposed to stirring up controversy in the ring!

The professional wrestling world is all abuzz after Priscilla shocked those in attendance at a Suburban Fight event in late December by pulling out what appeared to be a bloody tampon from her wrestling hot shorts and then shoving it in the mouth of her opponent, Tuna Teeth. Before you TOTALLY freak out, please know that the tampon and the stunt was completely fake and just for show.

Regardless, video of the stunt made the rounds online and just recently went viral as a wide range of those associated with professional wrestling offered up their opinions — a lot of which seemed disgusted and unsupportive. (Click the link to watch the video, but be forewarned that it is exactly as described.)

I will start with reactions from Priscilla herself, who has zero regrets as she suggests there is a bit of a double standard given all the stunts that male professional wrestlers have pulled over the years:

“Really had no intentions of going ‘viral’, I just thought it was funny. But thanks, guys!” she also tweeted.

Priscilla then debated a bit with people offering their takes on the incident:

TWEET: Fake or not, there are some lines you don’t cross. Disgusting and a career killer.

PRISCILLA: Career killers are things like racism, homophobia, and bad attitudes. None of which are in my body. There are many highly respected wrestlers who I have personally heard make racist or homophobic remarks, but that won’t be brought up.

TWEET: Please just Apologize now ok, so all this will go away. ☺

PRISCILLA: I’ll never apologize for being myself.

One of those who came to the defense of Priscilla is pro wrestler Joey Ryan, who is no stranger to pulling things out of people’s pants and putting them in somebody’s else’s mouth:

This take kinda summed up those supporting Priscilla in a humrous way:

Photographer Justin Cotterell was in attendance at the event, and in addition to taking some AMAZING photos, he also offered up some amazing thoughts on the role of the shocking in art and/or professional wrestling:

So what do you think? Was pulling a fake bloody tampon out and shoving it in another wrestler’s mouth during a 21+ live wrestling event taking things too far? Or is Priscilla just doing what a professional wrestler is supposed to do by getting the OMGs from the audience in an arguably entertaining way?

While you ponder that tamponundrum, here are some more amazing photos of the event from Justin Cotterell:

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