Marlo Hampton’s face slash victim reportedly committed suicide 6 years after altercation: Marlo responds with official statement

Charles Grant’s girlfriend Marlo Hampton is making an appearance on the Real Housewives of Atlanta this year, but she didn’t get cast in a top spot.

Hampton, who’s been arrested seven times, made quick friends with NeNe Leakes, who was romantically linked to Charles (and who says that they “had a drink together” a long time ago.) Here’s Marlo discussing her “run-ins” with the law with NeNe:

Our pal Michelle Brown at Straight From the A has been serving up the dish on Marlo for a while, and she’s revealed a new development. Marlo’s first arrest was in 1999 for felony Aggravated Battery / Great bodily harm with a weapon. According to Straight From the A, she slashed a woman’s face during a fight with a man. The woman was left disfigured, and reportedly bled so heavily that she almost died.

Six years after the incident the victim, a 33-year-old mother, reportedly jumped to her death off of a Florida bridge.

CLICK HERE to read the email the victim’s family sent to Straight from the A.

UPDATE: Marlo Hampton issued a statement about the situation, revealing more details. You can read the full statement below, but here are some key points:

– She and the woman she cut were once friends, and Marlo says there was an incident before the cutting incident where she was ambushed and beat-up

– Marlo claims that they both brought knives to the club that night, but “her knife dropped, mine did not.”

– Marlo says the woman she cut appeared in court to help get Marlo’s sentence reduced

– Marlo is deeply saddened by the woman’s death

Full statement made to Straight From the A:

“I am shocked and saddened to hear of the recent distortions of events and false accusations disseminated over an altercation I was involved in over a dozen years ago.  It had been my preference, out of respect for the person involved, as well as her family, to not speak about this incident publicly, but the recklessness with which the story is being manipulated has forced me to come forward.

I was in my early twenties, and what took place started out as an argument with someone who was once my friend, over the phone.  In the first incident, I was ambushed at my house and badly beaten.  Though charges were initially filed, those charges were later dropped and I filed a restraining order.

As disturbing as the carrying of a weapon may seem, it was quite common in the environment in which I was raised, and not only I, but also the person involved in the altercation, had each brought weapons to protect ourselves.  There was a confrontation, her knife dropped, mine did not.

I was arrested and convicted of aggravated battery for which I served 6 months in jail.  What is so disturbing about the false reports now circulating is that it was she, my friend, who appeared in court on my behalf and fought to reduce my sentence.

Like many people, I was deeply saddened by her untimely death – 6 years later – and shocked at the recent attempts to connect me to it.  Ultimately, it does a disservice to her and her family, to guess and draw conclusions as to her state of mind when she committed suicide.  Those reasons are obviously personal and painful and do not deserve to be speculated on for the purposes of entertainment or drawing readers to your site.  She and her family remain in my prayers.

My attorneys will be sending a cease and desist letter with a request for retraction shortly.

Truly sad circumstances all around. Our hearts go out to this woman’s family, especially her son.

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12 thoughts on “Marlo Hampton’s face slash victim reportedly committed suicide 6 years after altercation: Marlo responds with official statement

  1. We don’t know the whole story! Although there was a life that was lost which is very sad and unfortunate the reality is that there a lot of “female haters” in this world who would/will and do hate on you for the littlest of things including your looks,a hairdo,how you dress etc… And they will come at you viciously thinking they can take you out in some form or another either hurting you physically,making you the brunt of their joke to make themselves feel better or by belittling you in front of others etc.. And when they find out that “you are not the one” and things don’t go in their favor, that’s when everyone starts to view you as “the bad guy” because you stood up for yourself and the instigator didn’t fair as well, when they initially plotted to start in on you! That’s usually how it goes with me! There are 3 sides to a story,yours,mine and the truth!

    1. Marlo slashed a girl in the face with a knife. What do you need to hear to make that o.k. I dont care what the girl did. Knowone deserves to have that happen to them. I read the police report. Margo left the bar and came back and slashed the girl in the face with a knife. What part of you as a human makes you validate that type of behavior.

  2. Dang!! And she was supposed to be her “friend”?? No way would a real friend try to hurt you that way by pulling a knife on you.

  3. that is very sad about the girl’s death but come people on 6yrs. later she obviously got immune to living with a lifetime scar on her face this long so why now jump off the bridge. just don’t make sense marlo would be the cause of her suicide death life was probably different after her incident but you still had life and a life she brong into this world it seems no one would ever know the truth behind this suicide and really never do with these type of cases only her and god but me personally i dont think marlo’s to blame……… -kendra

  4. now dont get me wrong i dont ever think i could befriend somebody that would ever do such a act against me but you never know a person til they snap me and my girls go threw it but never once have i ever thought about hurting them in such a way i give them one look and they ass sit down jokey joke hope they not reading this lol but all jokes aside its a dirty game and everybody playing for keeps and at the end of the day if me and you both got weapons im gone get you before you get me it’s no different with dudes if you pull a gun on me you better use it caz im gone shoot you if you don’t get me first sad but that’s how it is…….smh

  5. Kendra unless you’ve been disfigured you have no idea how you’d react. Fakhra Yunus a Pakistan woman recently committed suicide, 12 years after her husband threw acid in her face and completely changed her appearance. That’s been in the news recently and very sad. Yunus’s husband is to blame for her suicide just as Marlo is to blame for her victim’s.

    The poor woman Marlo attacked suffered and relived the nightmare every time she looked in the mirror, the face she saw was a face she didn’t recognize. When someone sees a disfigured person it’s alarming, children are spooked and it makes the victim feel worse about themselves. People who have been disfigured often suffer from deep depression and rightfully so.

    You are never “immune” to living with scars, especially when someone has so much hatred to want to destroy your physical beauty. Marlo doesn’t seem to have much of a conscience, let’s hope Bravo lets her character rest in peace. I’d be willing to bet if the woman she disfigured and terrorized could speak from the grave I’d bet she would hold Marlo responsible.

    1. They BOTH bought knives to the club! WHAT part of THAT don’t you get? I cannot stand a silly m.f ! IF Marlo was cut then what? STFU & go back in your closet, you really don’t deserve to come out yet! I’m sorry for the altercation period, yet, when you have intentions to do something, it may not transpire the way you thought. Food for thought.

  6. Why does someone need to know the whole story behind someone taking a knife and slashing someone’s face. Of course she can say all these things now. The girl is no longer alive to defend herself. You really have to be messed up in the head to take a knife and slash someone’s face over a guy. Six years ago was not a long time and its disturbing that people think that this behavior is ok. If someone came up to you and took a knife and slashed your face until you almost bled to death do you need to know the whole story. I don’t see what someone can do to diserve this to happen to them. Margo has been arrested numerous times for criminal activity and if you live in denial over your actions how are you going to change. I think Bravo is so desperate for ratings that they are now slumming when they chose criminals as casts and why RHOA? There are no criminals on the other housewives shows. Marlo is not even a housewife. It looks as if she used that football player just to get on the show. She’s a criminal and most criminals are sociopaths and masters of manipulation. This girl has spent so much time in jail how does she have the money she has. She is on the social scene manipulating rich white people out of their money. You can see on the reunion show how she had what she was going to say memorized. Who does that? You can look at Marlo and tell this woman has many issues and has made a living manipulating others. NeNe is another piece of crap who I wish would leave the show. I don’t know why she’s on the show since she thinks she’s too good to be around the people on it. The reason why black people don’t have anything is because when we have it we don’t know how to act and NeNe is a pure example of this. I have never heard a white person ever or anyone for that matter walk around saying “they are rich”. I don’t understand why she feels she should be congratulated for working. Isnt that what people are suppose to do. As sn african american I am ashamed of NeNe and Marlo’s behavior on the show. It’s disgusting to me how they act. NeNe son was arrested for stealing razzors from walmart. Obviously it was something that he needed. Mommy needs to start taking care of her kids and judging others since her personal life is is obviously falling apart.

  7. People kill me being judgemental. We don’t know what was going on between the two women at the time and the deceased also had a knife so that makes her guilty as well. She was obviously ready for a fight. I do not blame Marlo for the woman’s sucide, if anything the deceased obviously had issues and regretted getting into the fight. How many of u carry protection?!

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