LOVE & HIP HOP Tommie Lee’s felony drug charge update EXCLUSIVE

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Tommie Lee's felony drug charge dropped

Love and Hip Hop Atlanta star Atasha Jefferson (aka Tommie Lee) got some good news earlier this week in regards to the felony drug possession charge she caught in Florida last month.

According to Miami-Dade County court records, the felony count of cocaine possession was dropped on September 18. Tommie is still facing a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge, with her next scheduled court date being October 20.

Tommie Lee shares video taking a drug test

As soon as Tommie Lee posted bail and was released from jail after her Miami arrest, she took to social media to declare her innocence in regards to the drug possession claim. And she wasn’t just talking the talk, she was walking the walk! Or, peeing the pee, as it were.

“Stop this nonsense,” Tommie wrote over an Instagram story and Twitter video of herself at a drug testing clinic on August 21. “We’re not going to keep trying to run with this very tired story. It’s not me, will never be. That drug doesn’t fit my aesthetic at all. STOP IT!!”

In the same tweet, Tommie included another video addressing the drug use accusations. Here’s the tweet with the videos, followed by a transcript of what she says in the drug use accusation response clip:

Tommie Lee on drug use and arrest

“I don’t care who been told y’all what — I’ve never had to clear up any accusations about drugs in my whole — throughout this career or throughout my life. That’s just not my — that’s not my thing. I don’t do that. So I don’t care who told y’all what.

“We came to the conclusion of that was a lie. I addressed that to the people who said that, who made that up, and they just said whoever told them to say that. That’s dead. I let that slide. You get what I’m saying?

“…I know what’s good with me. I don’t do drugs. You can see me take a drink, but you’ll never see me try some coke, or do some coke. I’m around plenty of people who do it, and they’re my friends, and they’ll tell you, ‘Tommie ain’t doing no coke.’

“So that’s dead. But this whole thing now: I’m selling drugs. Now I’m doing, like, XYZ — it’s crazy. And it all boils down to a overzealous cop who just had issues. He turned on his camera, do you remember that? [Tommie is asking the man with her in the video.]

“He’s, like, ‘I’m turning on my camera, this is about to be something.’ This not about to be nothing! …I don’t carry myself like I’m on reality TV in the public all 24/7 of my life. That’s not what I do. I don’t walk around, like, ‘Oh, we got cameras out.’

“…I’m tired of being treated like this. People gonna say, ‘Oh, you don’t have to don’t explain yourself.’ I’m, like, No! Don’t come at me with that ‘Don’t explain yourself sh*t’ because I’m done with that. I’m done with, like, lettin’ sh*t blow over and I know it’s not true.

“This is a different thing. When it’s about coke, my love, we’re gonna address it, and we’re gonna address it head on because all I literally got to do is go get blood, hair, urine, and all of that to get my point across — my facts. I’m not about to let somebody put something on me that I’ve never done — in my life! Never even tried it. Never tried it in my life!

“And I don’t care how many times I have to say it — now I’m gonna prove it, and then that’s just that. That’s just that. Certain people, when it’s me, they want it to be a situation because they want to be seen. They want they name — like, I don’t know what the cop expect his name to be in the report, in lights — I don’t get it. You get what I’m saying? What they get out of that?

“…If I’m getting this turned it should be, like, some kind of footage. It should be, like, somebody — as much as people, you know what I’m saying, be around me, and slick shade me, and hate me — even some fake friends — they should have got a little video of me doing a little something. It should be something out somewhere.

“Anything I do, I will say it. Like, I’m not scared of anybody on the internet. I’m not scared of anybody, period. I’m an adult. Anything that I do I can say — not that it’s anybody’s business. This is one that I just don’t do and I’m not going for it.

“So, we got tested. Hair, piss — I’m gonna do blood tomorrow. We got tested. Now, where does this bring us? Like, now what? Now what…Y’all got y’all key, y’all got y’all laugh. Now what?

“Your attention needs to be on your life and what the f*** you got going on. For real. Because me, and this drug thing, like, we about to kill this right now. That’s not what I’m on. That’s not what I do. It doesn’t fit my aesthetic.

I wish they had a better drug to put on me like a designer kind, or something that’s a little bit more cute. Coke is not cute, and it’s not something that I indulge in. Have never and never f***ing will — point blank. There’s nothing else to really even say.”

Tommie Lee posts drug test results

Tommie Lee returned to Twitter on September 1 and posted a video that included her drug test results.

According to the paper shown in the clip, Tommie was tested at MedRite Urgent Care in Miami on August 21. She was tested for marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, meth, and methadone — all of which came back negative.

Here’s a screen cap:

Love and Hip hop Atlanta Tommie Lee drug test results

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