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Erin Andrews’ legal team wants to reexamine Marriott exec who saw peephole video

The latest development in the Erin Andrews $75 million civil trial against a hotel chain, over a now-infamous nude peephole video, could spell trouble for the defense. Marriott executive Neal Peskind, who testified Monday at the trial, went out Tuesday night to an area restaurant. While there, two of his friends openly played the video in question. Find out what an employee at the restaurant said, and the defense's statement on what transpired, as well as how this might affect the case.

Erin Andrews says ESPN forced her to talk about her stalker on TV

Sportscaster and former Dancing With the Stars co-host Erin Andrews is currently testifying in her $75 million lawsuit against the Nashville hotel where she was videotaped in the nude by stalker Michael David Barrett. During questioning from her attorney, Andrews revealed that her former employer ESPN forced her to do an on-air interview about what happened before they allowed her to go back to work.