Lady Gaga wore a penis for VMA performance as Jo Calderone

Lady Gaga opened up the 2011 VMA’s in character as her chain-smoking mechanic male alter-ego (and ex-boyfriend) from New Jersey Jo Calderone, and didn’t break character for the rest of the night. In fact, for many hours before and after the show Gaga was reportedly fully enmeshed in Jo, and refused to answer to Gaga. When she had to pee, she ducked into the men’s restroom, and in after interviews told reporters that Gaga had texted to tell Jo how much the award meant to her.

Gaga always said she was theater, and this was definitely the performance that proved that, but it turns out she took it even further than a strong commitment to keeping up the act: she actually wore a prosthetic penis all night.

A source confirmed to US Weekly that Gaga was packing male parts Sunday. It seems like those silly hermaphrodite were true for at least one night.

We’ve got to give Gaga props for fully committing to her role!

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