Kristen Stewart rebuts ‘Emotional Chart’ with Flaunt photo outtakes

Kristen Stewart Flaunt photo shoot outtakes

In outtakes from her photo shoot for the 2010 Spring Fashion Issue of Flaunt (above) Twilight actress Kristen Stewart seemed to be purposefully addressing the viral “Kristen Stewart Emotional Chart” image created by detractors of her acting abilities. Here’s the original chart:

Kristen Stewart's chart of emotions

You could try to chalk this up to coincidence, but there is just too much here to suggest otherwise – especially considering both images are constructed of 16 black and white photos in a 4×4 grid! I kinda hope it was intentional for Kristen’s sake. It’s nice to have some sort of indication she has a sense of humor!

Of course I was obligated to try to match up the new images to the emotions on the chart! So, I did – and here’s the result:

Kristen Stewart Emotional Chart revised

Whatya think? Did I get ’em right?

Here’s a little “behind the scenes” action fro K-Stew on the Flaunt profile: