Kim Kardashian would like to be Jesus for a day so she could experience his “power”

Kim  Kardashian tongue photo

Somebody’s been hanging out with Kanye too long!

When asked by an Australian news outlet who she might want to be for a day, Kim Kardashian didn’t say Elizabeth Taylor, (hint, hint: what she should have said) she said Jesus.


So she could experience his immense and inhuman amount of compassion and wisdom? No, because of his power. Seriously.

Who would she want to swap lives with for a day?: “Jesus. Because I think it would be pretty fascinating to see the power that he had.”

The question was part of a questionnaire where Kim revealed that she thought Rob was the dumbest of her siblings, Khloe the most mysterious, and Kourtney the biggest secret keeper.

Kim also thinks she’s the most competitive, and best poser of them all:

“Probably me, they would all say it. You have to look in the mirror and pose and see what angle your face and body looks the best at. You have to imagine the camera there, I like my face down, some people like their face up, it just depends on how you like to visually see yourself but you have to practice.”