Ke$ha tones it down for AMA awards, would totally hit it with Justin Bieber

Ke$ha has been the poster-gal for questionable fashion choices ever since she hit the pop landscape. Her Hot-Topic-inspired ensembles and over-the-top but not in a way it works like Lady Gaga usually manages wardrobes have inspired a tome of SMDHs.

Every once in a while Kesha Rose Sebert will step out sans the outrageousness and the results are usually good. This change-up potential was on full display as Ke$ha hit the red carpet at the AMAs looking great in an (hold it) understated beaded dress and high heel black shoes. Her hair took a vintage Hollywood look and overall it was a tasteful combination for Miss dollar sign. Her ear did manage to hold just a little of the expected Ke$haness.

She performed her song “Die Young” and she stayed on point vocally in spite of all the dance choreography associated with the act. And hey, if you want serious props, none other than Cindi Lauper, who caught her own press-heat for her fashion style in the 80’s, introduced her before she took the stage.

In a funny moment, ET got a hold of her and asked what she thought of the tumultuous relationship between Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber. She replied:

“I think love should prevail. I don’t know the details, but I just newly heard he’s single…There was also some allegation that we had slept together, which was super false.”

Here’s that clip:

When she was prompted further about Justin she said:

“I mean, is he of age? I would hit that. Who wouldn’t hit that?”

Overall it was a great night for Ke$ha. I mean in that dress I would totally hit that…

Photos: Adriana M. Barraza/