Jon Gosselin really was seeing babysitter Stephanie Santoro behind Hailey Glassman’s back

Stephanie Santoro

Stephanie Santoro

Stephanie Santoro‘s mom really wants everyone to know that he daughter had sex with Jon Gosselin. Before she started blabbing her mouth to Radaronline, it was still just a rumor.

I have to admit, even though Kate Gosselin lost her nuts and called the cops because Stephanie Santoro was at the house, I thought there was a slight chance that Stephanie wasn’t letting Jon Gosselin rub his Ed Hardy belly all over her. But that was dangerous thinking, and Marci Santoro has brought out her ladystache to let me know I was WRONG.

Jon Gosselin at legends possibly with Stephanie SantoroNot only was Jon Gosselin sleeping with her daughter, he was threatening to kill himself, and then asking Stephanie to lie to Hailey Glassman about their relationship. I bet Kate Major is in Michael Lohan’s guesthouse right now writing freelance articles under a pen name for Star magazine and nodding her head. Jon probably also told Kate Major that he wanted to end it all. It’s a well-known douchestrategy to get pity sex.

Marci Santoro also went on about how Jon told Stephanie that Hailey wasn’t the motherly type for his kids, but he had to stay with her because of his clothing line ?!?!? What, is Hailey Glassman Christian Audigier in disguise? If so, they should be kickin’ it in Michael Jackson’s last home instead of some-hole-in-the wall in NYC.

Jon Gosselin denied everything Marci Santoro said, saying she’s just trying to make money off of him. That’s Jon’s one-trick card, because every chick he boinks and their mother are gonna try to make money off of him after he starts actin’ shifty and lying to them, but that doesn’t mean what they say isn’t true! Jon should just start visiting prostitution-wh*res (Danielle Staub, do you need a job?) so he can pay them up front with his TLC money and not worry about them running off to tell Hailey Glassman, or OK! magazine.
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