Joe Jonas wants people to know he’s a bad boy

Joe Jonas Now 2014

Now that the Jonas Brothers are kaput, Joe Jonas seems eager to reinvent himself by shedding his teenybopper image.

This mission apparently began last December when Joe made a big statement about losing his virginity and getting pressured into smoking pot by Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato.

Now he really, really wants people to know he’s down with strip clubs: Speaking to Scene about his new friendship with Diplo, a Los Angeles-based DJ, Joe said they recently bonded at a Vegas strip club.

“A fun night of him dragging me to a strip club. There wasn’t much dragging involved,” Joe said. “You hear the idea of going to a strip club with Diplo, that’s a dream come true. He’s the king of twerking.”

In case anyone missed that, Joe made a point of reiterating just where he went with Diplo: Going to a strip club with Diplo was… It was fun. I think he knows his way around that place.”

Joe Jonas Drinking

The fact Joe said “strip club” three times is likely a coincidence. Then again, it may be because of the Rule of Three — which says people are far more likely to remember a product or service if it’s mentioned three times. Now just try to forget Joe Jonas went to a strip club…

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