Jesse James sued twice for sexual harrassment

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As Jesse James thrashes about in an ocean of media scrutiny for allegedly cheating on America’s sweetheart Sandra Bullock, sharks continue to gather and nibble away at the tattooed bad boy’s public persona revealing what appears to be, well, a tattooed bad boy.

The latest bit of blood to hit the water are two separate sexual harassment lawsuits filed against Jesse James and West Coast Choppers by former female employees. The first, uncovered by Radar Online, was filed by Deann McClung in 2000. Deann hired lawyer Robert Coviello and the case was settled out of court in 2001.

McLung gave an interview in 2005, after it was revealed Jesse was dating Sandra Bullock, in which she described some of the instances of James’ harassment. From Radar Online:

In court papers she said he sexually harassed her and other workers and that she told him she was not interested. In October 1999 James offered to drive her home, McClung said. Then he pulled over next to the Queen Mary hotel in Long Beach and forced her to perform or@l sex on him, she told the reporter. …

“There was nothing I could do,” McClung told the reporter. “He told me, ‘You wanted this. You know you had it out for me for months.’” She says he then threatened her not to go to the police and locked her in his business, West Coast Choppers, overnight.

She says she was afraid to call police because she believed James was friends with many officers. She described another incident where James tried to force her to have sex but was interrupted when a police car drove up behind the car they were in.

McLung was fired in 2000. The court papers stated, “It was clear to the plaintiff that she was being terminated because of her refusal to give in to James’ further sexual advances.” James countered by accusing Mclung of embezzlement, but no charges were filed.

At the end of the interview, Deann McLung had these prophetic words for Sandra Bullock, “I’m sure he has Sandra conned into thinking what a nice guy he is, but it’s all a big lie.”

TMZ has found a separate sexual harassment lawsuit filed while Jesse and Sandra were together in 2007! In this suit, Jesse was accused of multiple, unwanted sexual advances by a former high-level female executive for West Coast Choppers. According to TMZ, the woman kept numerous graphic emails and text messages from Jesse including this exchange:

“Need anything before I split?” She responded, “Some Tums.” Jesse replied, “I have some special fluid that you can drink and it makes it all better ….”

The woman (unidentified) quit in 2007, hired Gloria Allred’s law firm, and settled out of court for $725,000!!! Jesse James apparently never admitted guilt in the settlement, but $725 grand is a huge chunk o’ change to avoid some unfounded bad publicity! And I’m guessing the amount of the settlement was a little too large to try to slip by Sandra undetected!

The countdown on the Michelle Bombshell McGee sex tape has ended, so I guess we should start the clock on the inevitable Jesse James sex tape! I give it about 48 hours to surface.

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