Jenna Jameson gets her groove on, with a new album

Jenna Jameson Unveils PETA Ad - MBFW Fall 2008

Jenna Jameson is a woman of many talents.  You know I heard one time that she was able to take five guys and have them do…. her lawn.  But seriously folks the industry-unto-herself former adult film star Jenna Jameson is getting ready to drop something entirely new on to the eagerly awaiting American public.  What hasn’t she tried you ask?  Well how about making an album!

O.K. for the two or three of you that are still reading this the folks over at LadiezNight (SFW link) have an exclusive three question interview with Jenna about her singing background and her hopes for her recording career.  That’s right three whole questions!  Here they are:

1. How did you get involved with singing?

I got involved with singing early on while living in Vegas. I was a member of a play company that required everyone to sing and dance. I always loved dancing, and was classically trained, but singing was something I really never pursued.  Now that I am finally pursuing it, I am extremely excited, and a little nervous.  I do my best work when I’m nervous…

2. What are you going to be putting out? ( ha ha, yeah, I can’t help myself)

My first single is a collaboration, I cannot talk about the specifics yet, but My producer, Jud Mahoney, is incredibly talented… And I love working with him.  I will be announcing the other artists on my track very soon.

3. Is this going to be a second career?

I’m not sure if this is going to be a second career, I think that depends on whether my fans accept me as a singer, and buy my music. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

This should be a doozy of a record.  All you need is two turn tables and a microphone right?  Here is a fuzzy picture of Jenna in the studio (also courtesy of LadiezNight).

It sounds like Jenna is still getting some tracks laid.  As always is glad to offer some suggestions for songs that might rock the party that rocks your body.

Blowing in the Wind
69 Love Affair
Looking Out My Backdoor
On Bended Knee
I’m Goin’ Down
Hard Times
Dark Side of the Moon

Thanks for sticking around for the whole post folks. For your patience here is another photo of Jenna.

Olympus Fashion Week Fall 2006 - Day 4

We know the album COVER will be great anyway.