Jenelle Evans’ boyfriend Nathan responds to gay rumors

Jenelle Evans and new boyfriend Nathan Griffith

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans seems to be moving right along in her life after Courtland Rogers, having found a hunky new ex-Marine boyfriend named Nathan Griffith, who she recently purchased a house with in South Carolina.

Nathan likes to work out and likes to show off the results in photographs — so much so that he’s actually gotten a couple jobs modeling underwear recently. But, at least one of those photos has caused a bit of a ruckus after it surfaced (along with another photo some are claiming to be Nathan in bed with another man) on the Twitter feed for the Entourage Bathhouse in Las Vegas. The photos are making the rounds on Twitter with claims that Nathan is actually gay.

Jenelle Evans boyfriend Nathan Griffith gay photo controversy

Though the photo above is clearly Nathan (the same photo was uploaded to his personal Facebook page on May 23) it’s this photo uploaded the day before of the back of a man’s head who is embracing another guy in bed that is at the center of the controversy:

Jenelle Evans boyfriend Nathan gay photo controversy Entourage Bathhouse

I flexed my Nev Schulman muscles by doing a little Catfish inspired research and discovered that the two men in the photo are Cayden Ross (on his back) and Danny Harper (supposedly Nathan). You can Google those names for the full Monty.

Jenelle flat out denied the claims a while back with a “Nathan is NOT gay” retweet, and today she shared a lengthy response from Nathan himself in which he explains all the reasons it can’t be him in the photo. Here is Nathan’s response (originally posted on Facebook) in its entirety:

Long story short… 18 went to the Corps made two deployments. Marine Corps has intel that looks for explicit or phonographic [sic] material. They modern everything we do so I would of got kick out of the marine corps for that. So that eliminates 18-22.

Life goes on and I was living north from where I am now with my ex WIFE!!! When I wasn’t working I was with her 24/7. Eliminates 22-24.

After the separation I moved in with my mom for a couple of months and then got my own place because I liked it down here. Just the past 3 months I’ve been modeling. Only have had. 2 shoots.

My mom was and is a minister. My family is religious and I’m not trying to be a hater but God burned the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Um sodomy is against my religion sorry to disappoint you. And why the hell do I have to make three incomes if I did stuff like that. If it was me I don’t know why I’m not getting paid for it, I guess since its probably a porn industry (even though I couldn’t be a underwear model because that’s in the third paragraph of my contract and any clothed models contract NO PORN OR PROMOTIONAL PICTURES) I wish someone would try to find their number so I can at least ask why I’m not getting paid for it.

Thanks for your time and God truly needs to bless anyone who has the time to cause so much drama and controversity that I proudly stood up and protected your damn rights so I could come back from a combat zone to get ridaculed and slander by the people I served so they could sit on their ass by a computer and talk sh!t. Congratulations and thanks for supporting our military and my falling brothers that no one knows sh!t about unless you were there.

(Coincidentally, Nathan’s religious stance against homosexuality comes out the same day the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act.)