January Jones’ Emma Frost character poster from X-Men: First Class

January Jones Emma Frost character poster from X-Men: First Class

The marketing of X-Men: First Class here in the United States has focused mainly on the lead male characters of Professor Charles Xavier (played by James McAvoy) and his buddy-turned-nemesis Erik Lehnsherr / Magneto (played by Michael Fassbender). Strangely, Fox hasn’t done much with January Jones’ sexy (and scantily clad) Emma Frost character, aside from some promotional group shots.

We had to go international to dig this Emma Frost (aka Snow Queen) character poster up featuring the Mad Men actress in her fluffy-caped Victoria’s Secret costume! (The photo looks to be from the same shoot as the “leaked” group picture from a couple months ago.)

(Oh, and you’re welcome.)

And speaking of January Jones and X-Men: First class, the actress has the blogging world abuzz after announcing she is pregnant but refusing to reveal who the baby’s father is! A source close to her has said it was someone she worked with on X-Men: First Class and there was another report that seemed to suggest the man in question is married! I suppose that’s the risk any time you make a movie with someone that looks like January Jones wearing a costume that looks like that! (I’m going to go ahead and add another speculative characteristic about the baby daddy – he was a big comic book fan growing up. Had to be!)

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