PHOTOS Retro ‘Total Film’ magazine covers for X-Men: First Class

X-Men First Class Total Film magazine cover

The new issue of Total Film magazine features a cover story on X-Men: First Class with the headline, “History in the making: X-Men: First Class, Inside Marvel’s mind-blowing mutant epic.”

But the real story isn’t the story, but the cover itself! Or should I say, the covers themselves because the issue boasts four different covers, three of which are joyfully retro-stylized and feature individual shots of James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier, Michael Fassbender as Erik Lehnsherr (Magneto) and a full-length shot of the much-talked-about January Jones in her XXX-Men lingerie-inspired Emma Frost / White Queen costume!

The Total Film issue that will feature the great cover work will be on sale Thursday, April 14th.  To check out the full story we encourage you to head over to Total Film’s official post.

January Jones in her Emma Frost costume on the June 2011 cover of Total Film

All of the alternate covers are dated 1962 and mimic periodicals of the time such as Charles Xavier’s faux LIFE cover with the headline, “PROFESSOR CHARLES XAVIER – Inside The Mutant Menace:”

Total Fil retro X-Men: First Class Profesor Charles Xavier cover

And here is Michael Fassbender’s Magneto cover with the headline, “Checkmate: The magnetic moves of Erik Lehnsherr:”

Total Film X-Men: First CLass magazine cover with Magneto Erik Lehnsherr

These are wonderfully fun and extremely well-designed pieces and I want to say “Kudos to Total Film” for putting them together! If you want to enjoy more of Total Film’s FANatical coverage of the silver screen, hop on over to amazon and get yourself a subscription now!

Here’s the X-Men: First Class trailer to help occupy your time while you wait for the June 3, 2011 release!

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