Is Hulk Hogan’s daughter’s legs tweet inappropriate?

Hulk Hogan tweets Brooke Hogan's legs

Hulk Hogan is a proud daddy and to prove it he posted the above photo (right) of his daughter Brooke Hogan’s legs for all of his followers to enjoy…

Some folks took offense to the gesture wondering why pops would want a bunch of strangers checkin’ out his daughter’s walking devices. Since the share, the image hosted by Lockerz has been removed but the tweet remains. The caption for the pic simply read, “Brooke’s legs.”

Here’s a couple of the always thoughtful Twitter reactions to the image:

“You guys’ relationship is disgusting. That sh!t is just weird.”

“And the award for the Day’s Most Disturbing Tweet goes to…”

This isn’t the first time The Hulkster has had a daughter-share controversy as it was revealed by Deadspin that the pro wrestling legend once retweeted a man who was bragging about having gone ba**s deep with Brooke. It’s been such a strange phenomenon that Brooke even felt the need to defend herself in the past having tweeted, “Im SO sick of people saying me and my dad are in some perverted relationship. Go home and do your own thing! Stop picking on me!”

Do you think Hulk’s tweet was inappropriate or much ado about nothing?

Hulk image: WENN