– Hulk Hogan razors himself bloody during fake altercation with Ric Flair at Hulkamania press conference – Videos and photos

If it bleeds, it leads:

Pro Wrestlers are the original reality stars, so stand aside Housewives and Charm School girls, because the professionals are back to work. Two days ago during a press conference in Sydney, Austraila to promote Hulkamania: Let the Battle Begin tour Hulk Hogan squared off with his rival of 20 years Ric Flair. In true reality form, they yelled in each other’s faces and insulted the other’s failed personal relationships. When Hogan announced that the conference was over, Ric Flair gave him a b*tch punch, and Hogan went down. 

Handlers from both sides scrambled to hold these two back (and to give Hulk some privacy to blade himself). Hogan came out of it look like an extra in a slasher film, and many reporters were so shocked by his appearance that they reported the incident as a real altercation.

From the looks of Hulk’s head, this looks more than a fake blood job, there’s a very visible line on his forehead where he probably knifed himself. It’s an old wrestling trick to cut yourself superficially with a razor on the head to get a good deal of blow flow with minimal injury. 

The housewives are gonna have to step up their game, no more just “tugging” at wigs rip the thing off and take real hair with it, no more mere table flipping, throw a table at somebody. Gretchen’s the only one who’s willing to really do some real stuff for the sake of the show, like pose on a toilet. 

Here’s the video of the conference

Here’s another shot of a bloody Hogan feigning weakness for the cameras:

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Bloody Hulk Hogan after PR stunt with Ric Flair for Hulkamania

Watch  Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan’s very first time in the ring together, circa 1991: