AUDIO Here’s “Yellow Flicker Beat,” Lorde’s contribution to the new Hunger Games soundtrack


The first new music Lorde has released since her debut album Pure Heroine blew up the world a year ago is here.

“Yellow Flicker Beat” will be the end credits song for the first part of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, due for release six weeks hence.

So far, the song has drawn rave reviews from critics. And fans, too: in the 36-odd hours since its release, the song has about a million-and-a-half views on YouTube.

And, of course, the single comes in the wake of the news that Lorde is the most powerful pop star in the world under 21 years of age.


Lorde Performing at The Joint Inside The Hard Rock


Upon hearing the news that she was being given control of the soundtrack, Lorde was her typically modest, understated self:


…It blows my mind that this massive studio has just handed the reigns over to a 17-year-old. I’ve literally been doing it by myself, contacting every artist, sorting everything out….I was really keen to curate it. I had this idea that it would be really cool and I think I know what is the right sound for the project. So they were really into it and it just started happening. It’s really been my baby, which is awesome.


What do you think of the track? Is it Lorde-ish enough; does it chart new galaxies of sound? Does it fill you with hungry anticipation for the film?

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