Idaho cow makes epic escape just before slaughter


An unidentified cow made a daring escape just before its scheduled slaughter at an Idaho meat processing facility.

This 1,000-pound heifer was all like “hell naw” when it faced the prospect of becoming somebody’s lunch in the very near future. As an employee at Anderson Custom Pack readied to end cow’s life, cow made a gallop for it – leaping over a 6-foot high fence for its initial break!

Freed from the butcher, cow raced the streets of Pocatello, Idaho as it continued to seek its freedom. Employees at Anderson dialed 911 and within minutes cow faced yet another obstacle in its escape plan – the police. As cow fled he roamed the streets nearly causing a few accidents, according to ISJ.

With the law in hot pursuit, cow attempted seeking refuge in a resident’s backyard. At this point police set up a perimeter with their patrol vehicles and shot cow right in the head. Undeterred, cow bolted through this blockade and headed for the confines of a nearby park and then on down other city streets.

The police and animal control chased cow for a few minutes until they trapped it in another backyard. Another head shot was taken which proved to be the fatal blow.

Pocatello Police Chief Scott Marchand was thankful that no one was injured during cow’s breakout.

Cow was loaded onto an Anderson truck and taken back to the facility.

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