How did Snooki get her nickname?


Jersey Shore star Snooki has become a household name thanks to her unabashed over-the-top antics, style and personality. But how did a middle school aged Nicole Polizzi from Marlboro, New York suddenly become Snooki?

The petite star has been asked that questions a number of times and I’ve compiled a couple of her responses for you.

In January of 2010 She and the rest of the Jersey Shore crew appeared on Rachel Ray’s talk show and she told it this way

“I think it was like eighth grade, and I was the first girl in my girlfriends to make out with a guy,” she says. “So you know Save the Last Dance Snookie the cootchie crook? It was the D.J. Anyway, my girls started calling me Snooki, so it just stuck ever since. I was in eighth grade!”

And here is a video clip or her explanation from The Tonight Show with Jay Leno:

Being the diligent researcher that I am I actually tracked down a couple photos of the original Snookie the cootchie crook (played by actor Vince Green) from Save the Last Dance:

DJ Snookie the cootchie crook from Save the Last Dance
Vince Green as Snookie from Save the Last Dance

Can’t see the resemblance? Let me run him through my “Snookify Me” app right quick…

Snookie the cootchie crook Snookified with the Snookify Me app

Snooki: Would you bang me?

JWoww: Bent over and sideways!

Snooki has also expressed that she’s tired of her nickname, and just wants to be Nicole.

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