Honey Boo Boo returning with new show in December

Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Again new reality show

Get ready for Here Comes Honey Boo Boo Again as Mama June announced yesterday that the controversial reality show family will be back on TV next month with a brand new series!

Actually, the new show may not be what fans are used to at all. Mama June wasn’t able to share a lot of info about the new project, explaining that People magazine will be making the official announcement on Tuesday, but she does say “it will not be [a] Here Comes Honey Boo Boo kind of thing.” She adds, “it will be reality TV and it will be real and unscripted like we have always ever been that’s only kind of TV we believe in and we want you all to see the true side of all of us.”

Here’s her full announcement:

Ok for everyone it was asked if we are going to be back on TV the answer is yes and it will be very soon it will not be was TLC network but it will be announced as we were told with People on Tuesday I will be able to get out more details soon but we are excited as it will air starting in December but it will not be here comes honey boo boo kind of thing but it will be reality TV and it will be real and unscripted like we have always ever been that’s only kind of TV we believe in and we want you all to see the true side of all of us hope everyone had a great Halloween and don’t forget to turn your clock back ‪#‎realitytv‬ ‪#‎awesometime‬ ‪#‎awesomefans‬ and we want to say thanks to our fans that have stuck by us and continue to support us through the thick and thin we love you all and we appreciate each and every one of yall.

Honey Boo Boo comebackognize

Mama June has been hinting at a new series for months, saying back in September:

I’m glad our show made y’all laugh and we love yall for that we will b back on tv but not TLC I promise will announce when can and we still some things in the work so will share asap when we get the oh k promise we appreciate all the support over the yr

UPDATE – In what will be some rather disappointing new to Honey Boo Boo fans, the “new show” that Mama June is referring to is actually WeTV’s Marriage Boot Camp. She and Sugar Bear will be on the new season premiering December 4. From Mama June:

Now we can release it the new show that we will b doing is marriage camp that will b on wetv Dec 4 at 9est hope yall watch it’s a emotional journey but Jim and Elizabeth r the real deal and it totally raw and unscripted can’t wait to c it all out and people to c the REAL side of sugarbear people that don’t know us didn’t see on here comes honey boo boo and I glad we done it back in June and would recommend it to anyone in trouble. .‪#‎wetv‬ ‪#‎marriagebootcamp‬ ‪#‎dec4th‬ (People link)

Just in case you can’t wait until December to get your Honey Boo boo family hi-jinx, here’s a video of Pumpkin’s boyfriend killing some time with a cardboard box and a staircase:

Posted by Lauryn Mychelle Shannon on Saturday, October 31, 2015

And the description of the clip from Alana’s Facebook page:

so this is what we do after we have handed out all the candy at our house to the trick or treaters and we have nothing better to do and we are born for all of y’all who asked are we crazy outside of the cameras the answers yes this is pumpkins boyfriend and I got a new bed and new couch and he decided that he would say look watch this and you know when someone says look what this what what happens but it’s always about having a good time and is being on self we have another video that pumpkin is uploaded and for waiting for the upload will share with y’all too hope you all enjoy

So–are you happy to see the Honey Boo Boo family getting a second chance on TV, or not?

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