Gold Rush’s Parker Schnabel updates fans on his grandpa’s health

Gold Rush Parker Schnabel and Grandpa John Schnabel photo

Anyone watching the current season of Gold Rush on Discovery knows that Parker Schabel’s 94-year-old grandpa John Schnabel has been battling cancer, and after the first half of the two-part Season 4 finale aired Friday night, many fans were left wondering how John is doing now. Just moments ago Parker posted an update letting fans know his Grandpa is doing better and “has great spirits,” which seems to always be the case with John Schnabel!

Gold Rush Parker Schnabel's Grandpa John Schnabel

Here’s the full update from Parker, who is returning to Alaska as I type after making an appearance at the 2014 CONEXPO-CON/AGG:

My grandpa is doing well. He still has cancer but has responded well to the radiation and chemo therapy that he has been on and if you saw him you would never know he has an issue. We just celebrated his 94th birthday a few weeks ago and it was great. He has great spirits, friends and family. Thank you all for the kind words and prayers.

UPDATE – On August 19, 2014 Parker updated fans again on how his dad John Schnabel is doig, and once more it was good news. “Sorry I’ve been so out of touch,” Parker writes. “The season is going well, a lot of exciting things have been happening but we have been working like dogs. My grandpa is good and I have been able to spend some quality time with him this summer.” And he also responded to someone who asked about John Schnabel on Twitter:

That is such great news to hear! I watch A LOT of reality television and I can’t think of anyone as good-natured and perpetually joyful as John — and that doesn’t even touch on the amount of respect I have for him for gold mining successfully for sooo many decades. We wish John all the best with his battle and hope that we will get to continue to see his smile and hear his infectious laughter for many more seasons to come!

Here’s a touching clip in which John Schnabel reveals it is his dream to look for gold at Smith Creek with his two grandsons:

And just in case you were wondering if John’s infectious mirth was always as contagious as it is now, check out this hilarious wedding announcement for his marriage to Erma Cordes in 1950 put together by Erma’s sister:

Gold Rush Parker Schnabel's Grandpa John Schnabel wedding announcement 1950 throwback photo

“No good varmint!” 🙂

Of course, I think Parker put it better:


The second half of the two-part Gold Rush Season 4 finale airs Friday, March 14 at 9/8c on Discovery.

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