Brad Pitt used to smoke a lot of pot

Brad Pitt Juliette Lewis

Friday night on Real Time Bill Maher brought up Brad Pitt’s expert joint rolling skillz, and Pitt didn’t deny. In fact, he said he certainly had his day with weed, but quit when he became a dad because he always needed to be alert. He also mentioned that nowadays pot turns him into a donut.

Recently Juliette Lewis gave an interview to Black Book fondly remembering their high times together. Here’s what Juliette said:

I even remember his little bungalow that we lived in off Melrose that we’d smoke lots of pot in. Then we split and he became Brad Pitt, and I became whoever I am now.

That definitely sounds like the life! I, and many girls and boys, would give their right arm to hole up in a bungalow and have endless threesomes with Brad Pitt and Mary Jane. It was probably all fun and romantics until Brad Pitt became famous, then Juliette was left to fend for her strange yet bad-ass self.

Now Juliette rocks and rolls all night and has bit parts in movies with Brad Pitt’s ex-wife during the day. Meanwhile, Pitt is raising an army of children with a more widely accepted weird girl, is trying to save New Orleans (that army of children can be used to build houses when they’re old enough), and is still a super hot stuff movie star.

PUBLISHED: August 17, 2009

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