For Father’s Day, 7th Annual Duct Tape Festival!

Starcasm wanted to give some Father’s Day props to all the dads out there and we couldn’t think of a better way to do it than with the dadly fix-it-all: duct tape!  More specifically, the 7th Annual Avon Heritage Duct Tape Festival happening this weekend in Avon, Ohio.

There aren’t many broken or out-of-whack things on this planet that can’t be fixed or made serviceable with duct tape, and there aren’t many pop-culture items more worthy of its own festival than the all-purpose, day-saving legendary adhesive!  Avon, Ohio lays special claim to the world of duct tape for being the home of Duck Brand duct tape.  Some of the festivities to be held include a variety of musical and stage acts in addition to a parade held on Saturday with awards handed out for floats created with, what else, duct tape.  The grand prize winner receives $1,000. (Which roughly equates to 250 rolls of the good stuff.)

Duct tape sculptures have been prepared for the festival by students from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Professor Joe Girandola says,  “The opportunity for my students to prepare, create and exhibit large-scale works using Duck Tape brand duct tape will be instrumental in their development as artists.” In line with this year’s theme; Peace, Love , and Duct Tape, student Amy Cline created this VW van duct tape masterpiece:

Duck Brand has their own Youtube Channel featuring some creative things that can be done with their product.  Here is a little clip, hosted by the lovely Christy,  on how to make a duct tape belt:

How proud Christy’s dad must be!  As a bonus just for dads, here is a how they make duct tape video from the largest duct tape manufacturing facility in the world,  the 3M plant located in London, Ontario.

Happy Father’s Day to all you hard working dads out there from Starcasm!  Oh, and do you have any duct tape we can borrow?

(We’ve actually featured Duck Brand in a previous post about Duck Tape’s Duct Tape Stuck at Prom competition, you can check that out here.)