Florida model says boyfriend “kept walking into her knife” after his dog ate her weed

Shadae Scott

A model from South Florida allegedly slashed her boyfriend with her pink pocket knife after his dog devoured all the girl’s stash of marijuana, according to an arrest report.

26-year-old Shadae Scott, who told the judge that she does modeling work, was arrested on Sunday evening and charged with one count of domestic battery.

Hey boyfriend, Kevin Wiggins, had a couple of small knife cuts to his face as well as a gash across his hand. Shadae stated that she wasn’t stabbing Kevin but that he “kept walking into her knife” while the two argued.

Via the arrest affidavit, police were called to Scott’s Danai Beach apartment because of a domestic dispute. Wiggins told the cops on the scene that he and Shadae got into a fight because his dog had eaten all of her weed. She tried to boot Wiggins out, and his dog I assume, but he was unable to locate his items because she had hidden them.

He then told deputies that Shadae started stabbing at him when he inquired of the whereabouts of his computer.

Shadae had a different breakdown of the two’s breakdown for the arresting officers…

Shadae-Scott-mug-shotBugs Bunny Florida

Scott argued that their fight was over dinner plans and that things turned physical when she tried to leave the apartment. She got out the knife in order to protect herself. Sheriff’s Deputy Laughten Hall wrote on his arrest report, “Scott added that during one of the many times during the argument, Wiggins walked into the knife and cut himself.”

The cops apparently were more inclined to believe Wiggins’ take and Scott was arrested. She was booked, had a bond set at $3,500 and was ordered to stay at least 500ft away from Wiggins. The SunSentinel was unable to reach Wiggins for comment and there was no word on what happened to the Pineapple Express-riding dog.

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