FASHION FAIL Rebecca Ferdinando at London Premiere of Total Recall

Rebecca Ferdinando at the Total Recall Premiere in London

Total Recall (remember that remake?) had its London Premiere today and actress Rebecca Ferdinando showed up in a rather unfortunate little black dress that looked like it had been hastily repaired after a tiger attack – and not in a good way. (Not that there is a good way.)

We decided to let the infamously snarky judging panel of Lifetime’s Project Runway have a go at the unfortunate look…

Project Runway judges weigh in on Rebecca Ferdinando's look at the London Total Recall Premiere

Even Tim Gunn is a little critical…

Tim Gunn make it worse

On the positive side, Rebecca did look quite smashing if you just removed the dress. (And put on a better one if you so chose.)

Top photo: Lia Toby/