Farrah Abraham’s breast implants are doing ‘wonderful’

During the current season of Teen Mom we see Farrah Abraham working hard at establishing a life of her own. One of the things she did as an act of independence that was documented on the show was to receive breast augmentation surgery.

When photos like the steamy one above surfaced the young mother’s new figure was the big talk of the TM universe but that passed in time as fans of the show started focusing once again on her life and the pursuit of her education and overall maturation. Well I suppose Farrah wanted to remind everybody about her enhanced lady-friends because she has went on a full bewbs-tweet-fest.

As of this post here’s what I’m talking about in regards to what Abraham is tweeting about:

@bestbreastdoc is Dr. David Finkle, the plastic surgeon who performed the plastic surgery on the reality star. I considered the possibility that her account got hacked but being that these tweets have been up for hours I’m doubting that. I reckon Farrah just wanted her followers and the good Dr. to know that her mammaries are great and she appreciates the compliments she receives all the time.

Bikini Photo: Splashnews.com

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