Escort Capri Anderson claims Charlie Sheen offered hush money; Sheen sues over $1 million exhortion

Porn star capri Anderson Christina Walsh speaks about Charlie Sheen incident

The porn star who was locked in the bathroom during Charlie Sheen’s plaza rampage gave ABC’s Good Morning America and Nightline shows her version of what went down that night.

She says she was hired for a fee of $3500 to escort Charlie to dinner, a sum she says she still hasn’t been paid. The night was quite a party, with the alcohol flowing and many of Charlie’s friends in attendance, including Charlie’s ex-wife Denise Richards.

Anderson (real name Christina Walsh) says she was then asked by a friend to take an extremely intoxicated Charlie back to his hotel room and keep him there. Things then got “romantic,” and she took her dress off, but Charlie was doing lines of coke and suddenly changed. He flew into a rage, threw lamps and chairs, put his hands around her neck, and kept calling her a wh*re. Terrified, she locked herself in the bathroom, but that made Charlie even more upset.


“He was calling me a wh*re a lot. And he was yelling things like, you f—— b—-. If you don’t come out here, I’m going to kill you.”

Cops finally showed up and found Charlie is such a state that they took him to the hospital. News of the event leaked the next day, but Charlie’s press team claimed he had suffered an allergic reaction and the actor soon went back to work. Denise Richards refused to talk about any of it, but Capri Anderson is talking even though she claims she was offered $20,000 via text message to keep quiet about what really went down that night.

Sheen’s lawyer Yale Galanter denies these allegations, and has claimed that Anderson is a “golddigging liar.”

UPDATE – Charlie Sheen is suing Capri Anderson/Christina Walsh because he claims she tried to extort him for $1 million over the incident.

Who do you believe? Did Sheen call her bluff?

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