Dwight Yoakam survives airplane scare, pilot issues mayday call for fire


“If I could I’d turn around, set my feet back on the ground. All this plane ride holds for me is a 1,000 miles of misery.” – Dwight Yoakam’s “1,000 Miles”

Honky tonk hero Dwight Yoakam survived quite a scare as he was returning to the late great golden state from a private concert in Canada’s Northwest Territory.

The pilot of the 800 Hawker jet that the country legend and 9 others were riding called in a mayday that the craft was on fire! This forced an emergency landing at Van Nuys Airport, where emergency personnel anxiously awaited.

Thankfully, the plane landed safely, TMZ is reporting. It turned out that there was quite a bit of smoke but no fire.

Glad to hear that one of my personal favorites and his crew are safe. Of course there’s an amazing tune from Dwight’s songbook that fits this story perfectly. Take a listen!