VIDEO: Demi Moore revisits Striptease role at a Snoop Dogg concert!

There are certain indisputable facts about America.  One of these truths that we hold to be self evident is that it is good to be Snoop D-O double G.  Rarely has someone held the mantle of pop-hipness-cool as long as rapper Snoop Dogg. 

Well for perhaps even longer actress Demi Moore has impossibly remained smoking hot.  Recently in Vegas the two seemingly unstoppable forces met on stage at a Snoop show and I have video proof of the interchange!

Here is the clip; now it’s a rough one taken by someone in the crowd but despite this you clearly see that Demi Moore still has it and that Snoop can bring out what the ladies got.  Demi and Snoop do your thing!

Wait one darn minute.  Was that Demi’s famous husband Ashton Kutcher escorting his lady on to the Snoop Dogg stage!?!  There is being romantic and then there are things that only Ashton Kutcher get to do.  “Let me see, I’ll take my wife to Red Lobster tonight or backstage to the Snoop show and then walk her out on stage so she can shake her 40’s fabulous moneymakers?”  Life is about options and Kutcher has more than I do but I digress.

Tip of the hat to the team of Snoop Dogg (seen above “smoking” with Willie Nelson) and Demi Moore reminding us all that we will not be that cool or look that fine at 40.  Just to prove my point here are two old school clips of Demi and Snoop.  The first is an HD quality clip from Striptease when Moore caused many embarassing moments for male theater patrons.  The second is Snoop’s now classic “Gin and Juice” (the uncensored version cause that’s how I roll).