Dina Lohan’s going to be on Millionaire Matchmaker: Is she a millionaire?


Dina Lohan will be seeking Millionaire Matchmaker, but not without a bit of drama. When asked about her love life by the irrepressible Patti Stanger, Dina responded that she was going to cry. Later, she actually walks off the show.

According to a Radar Online report, 52-year-old Dina “completely lost it, accusing the show of being fake, and doubting whether she could find true love.” She then stormed off the set and back to her hotel room using a car furnished by the show. She also called Lindsay for help during the stressful matchmaking events.

This season Patti has been setting up celebs instead of nonfamous millionaires, which stretches the title of the show a bit. Being a reality star doesn’t always pay out in the millions, and Dina Lohan is no stranger to financial difficulties. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that she’s a negative millionaire, their calculations put her at $1.3 million in the hole.

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