Did Shaq use his son to deliver death threats to his Ex’s boyfriend?

 "Shaq VS" - Press Conference - St. Louis, MO

Cleveland Cavalier big man in the middle is caught up in some seriously nasty allegations according to TMZ.  The usually affable and lovable Shaquille O’Neal is being accused of using his son to deliver death threats to his ex-wife’s new “superman”.  Shaunie O’Neal has delivered a letter via her lawyer that claims that Shaq Diesel interrogated their children “to the point that they felt intimidated and scared of him.”

In addition the accusations state that Shaqalicious told his 6 year old son to tell her boyfriend that he “is going to kill him” and that he went so far as to scream at his son “Say it now! My daddy is going to kill you!”

This are some serious accusations but it doesn’t look like Shaunie is looking for anything other than some protection for her children.  Her lawyers are requesting that Boom Boom Shaq-alacka Boom Boom cease “further inappropriate discussions” with their kids.  Shaq and Shaunie have four children together ( Shareef, Amirah, Shaqir, and Me’arah).

Shaq is a loved public figure and is in the argument for the best big man to ever play the game of basketball.  This is not, however, his first run in with offending children and the parents that love them:

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