Did LeAnn Rimes get engaged to Eddie Cibrian?

Eddie Cibrian propose to LeAnn Rimes on Halloween

Eddie Cibrian took to his Twitter account and posted the above photo of himself proposing to his girlfriend and infamous husband stealer LeAnn Rimes.

According to People a source told them that the couple are not engaged and that the photo opportunity was just a part of the couple’s Halloween fun.  Considering that Rimes retweeted the pic and that he is holding the wrong hand in front of a building that reads “White Chapel Lunatic Asylum” I would tend to agree that this photo is more trick than treat.

This false engagement pic comes on the heels of a Shape magazine controversy for Rimes.  She appeared on the cover of the magazine in a bathing suit showing a toned body and was open in a candid interview for that particular issue.  An editor with Shape magazine, Valerie Latona, later stated that she regretted running the piece because Rimes was a “husband stealer.”  This was in reference to Rimes dating Cibrian while he was still a married man. 

In the strangest turn of the Shape controversy Latona backtracked claiming that her apology was meant to be a private one only intended for readers who were offended by seeing Rimes on the cover.  She stated:

When a number of readers (40 out of 6 million) expressed concern about our featuring LeAnn Rimes on the cover of our October 2010 issue, I was concerned. I don’t want anyone to be unhappy—so I took the time to write a personal note to them, apologizing for not having someone on the cover they wanted to see and hoping to do right by them the next time. (I do this many times for all cover stars and you really can’t ever please everyone all the time.) I also explained why I put LeAnn on the cover: for being human, admitting to mistakes, and finding the courage and strength to overcome criticism through exercise.

Unfortunately, that personal letter to SHAPE readers was leaked out—and now, without any of the background or the reader letters that I received, it has been taken out of context. In that e-mail, I referred to words readers used (“a husband stealer”, “a terrible mistake for SHAPE”) in their letters to me—and then those words were then mistakenly attributed to me. (If I had known the world was going to be reading that e-mail, I would have had it proofread first!) And now, I feel even worse—for everyone involved including LeAnn.

It would seem to me that an editor of a magazine would realize that in today’s media climate nothing with an electronic tag remains private.  I also think that in light of the Shape controversy and the fact that Cibrian has two sons with his betrayed ex Brandi Glanville the fake proposal pic was in poor taste.

Eddie was in street clothes it appears but I don’t care much for LeAnn’s “Jolene” inspired high heeled short skirt costume.  Wait, was that just her outfit!?!