Did D.C. Housewife Michaele Salahi stiff her plastic surgeon?

Michaele Salahi

D.C. Housewife and all around trouble maker Michaele Salahi is back on the wrong end of another lawsuit, this time from her plastic surgeon!

According to court documents obtained by TMZ Salahi is being sued for a past due amount of $500 by her youth-via-needle corner-man, Dr. Navin Singh.  While the good doctor wouldn’t confirm the nature of the procedures sources connected to the case are stating that it’s all about the botox.  These enhancements were for a fund raising event she was to be attending a few days following the injections.

Salahi’s rep, who has to be a very busy person, confirmed that Salahi did indeed see Singh but that as far as she’s concerned the bill was settled.

You know every time I read about the Salahi’s and their assorted scandals I am reminded of that scene from Look Who’s Talking where single mother Kirstie Alley imagines what life would be like with the freeloading taxi driver played by John Travolta.  Strange I know, but here’s the scene anyway.  I see the Salahis being like this but with better wardrobes and plastic surgeons of course.  The scene comes in at the 2:00 mark:

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Top Photo: Scott Barbour/Getty Images