VIDEO: Drunken Salahis attend a party they were actually invited to

I can confirm that famed White House gate crashers and Real Housewives of Washington D.C.cast members Tareq and Michaele Salahi are alive and well and doing what they do best; attending parties, then drinking, followed by bringing attention to themselves!

A video of the despised dynamic duo has popped up on YouTube from a party thrown by D.C. area advertising agency White & Partners.  What is surprising about the clip is the fact the two were actually on the guest list in addition to being the featured guests of honor.  In the following clip, what appears to be a slightly buzzed Salahi couple ramble on about what to do with uninvited party guests. 

Here we go:

“Just like David Letterman said, ‘If they’re good people let em’ in!'”

Man those two are insatiable and irritating.  White & Partners’ website looks pretty great but I don’t think I’d be making my hard sell to clients with, “Our holiday party featured that White House crashing couple.”

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