Michelle Duggar airlifted to hospital with gallstone issues, is baby 19 OK?

Michelle Duggar rushed to hospital with gallstones

Michelle Duggar, expectant mom of 18, was airlifted to a Little Rock, Arkansas hospital over the weekend due to gallstone pains, a Duggar rep tells People.  They feared the pain might harm the baby, or result in an early delivery, so they took no changes.

It turns out they gave her some of the good stuff and she felt better real fast. The pain was entirely due to gallbladder troubles, and not an early delivery. They’re going to delay any surgeries until after the birth this spring.

Michelle Duggar doesn’t get out much expect to go to the hospital to give birth, so she must be lovin’ the pain meds. The Duggars better watch out, because Michelle might be crying “gallbladder” the next time she wants a little fun. She better be careful though, because too much pain medicine can lead to dancing, which husband Jim Bob strictly forbids. Just dance in your head Michelle, dance in your head.

Enough joking about recreational prescription drug use, I watch Intervention, so I know that’s no joke.

The good news is that Michelle and baby 19 are doing just great, and that doctors expect a happy pregnancy. The doc who saw Michelle,  Dr. Curtis Lowery of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, told People:

“We have every reason at present to expect that mother and baby will proceed with a healthy pregnancy. Mrs. Duggar is in good spirits and feeling much better.”

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