Demi Moore finally changes her Twitter name from @mrskutcher

Finally! Demi Moore’s Twitter handle isn’t @mrskutcher! (In my opinion, that was never really a good name even if they stayed together forever.)

When her marriage imploded last year Demi had other things to worry about then switching her Twitter name, like taking care of her personal sanity and health. She sought rehab treatment after a break-down that possibly involved Whip-its, Red Bull, and not eating (among other things,) but now she’s doing a bajillion times better, looks healthy and amazing, and is now Tweetin to her millions of rapt Twitter fans as @JustDemi.

It’s simple, plays on her former name, and she never has to change it ever again.

Demi’s involved with an exciting Lifetime show called The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet, which involves Amanda talking candidly with stars like Lady Gaga and Gwyneth Paltrow, and gets them to reveal things like their favorite sexual positions, and drugs they did. Demi herself is rumored to sit down for one of these intimate interviews if the show gets picked up for another season.

Meanwhile her ex Mr. Kutcher is getting backlash for a possibly “racist” Pop Chips ad.