DASH Dolls cast photos, names and social media links

Dash Dolls cast photos with names

Last week was the premiere of E!’s new Keeping Up With the Kardashians spin-off reality series DASH Dolls–about the all-female staff of the Kardashian sisters’ West Hollywood fashion boutique. If you were like me, the premiere was kind of intimidating, because my brain couldn’t quite keep up with all the different attractive young women I was being introduced to! So I put together a couple of easy-to-read photo charts with names to help you keep track of who’s who.

Above is the official cast photo with names added. Below is a composite of screen caps (and a few Instagram photos for the ladies without voice-over segments in the premiere) for each of the women, followed by their names, job descriptions, and social media links:

E! Dash Dolls cast photos and names Durrani Nazy Caroline Taylor Missy Melody Malika Khadijah Stephanie Jennifer Lexi

Judging from the DASH Dolls premiere, the show will mostly focus on two groups: the Haqq twins, and the residents of the DASH Doll house. So, I will lead off with those and then finish up with the others, whom viewers didn’t really see much of in the first episode.

MALIKA HAQQ – DASH co-manager and Khloe Kardashian bestie.
Malika on Instagram: @forevermalika
Malika on Twitter: @ForeverMalika

KHADIJAH HAQQ MCCRAY – DASH co-manager. Khadijah is married to former NFL star Bobby McCray and has three children.
Khadijah on Instagram: @foreverkhadijah
Khadijah on Twitter: @foreverkhadijah

DASH Doll house residents:

DURRANI POPAL – DASH merchandising manager
Durrani on Instagram: @durranipopal
Durrani on Twitter: @DurraniPopal

STEPHANIE DE SOUZA – DASH sales associate
Stephanie on Instagram: @stephdesouzaxo
Stephanie on Twitter: @stephdesouzaxo

CAROLINE BURT – DASH sales associate and DJ
Caroline on Instagram: @carolineburt
Carolinw on Twitter: @CarolineBurt

TAYLOR CUQUA – DASH sales support
Taylor on Instagram: @taylor_cuqua
Taylor on Twitter: @taylor_cuqua

MELODY RAE KANDIL – DASH sales rep and aspiring model
Melody on Instagram: @msmelodyrae
Melody on Twitter: @MsMelodyRae

MEHRNAZ “NAZY” FARNOOSH – DASH assistant manager
Nazy on Instagram: @nazyfarnoosh
Nazy on Twitter: @NazyFarnoosh

The rest of the DASH Dolls cast:

JENNIFER ROBI – DASH store manager

Jennifer on Instagram: @jennifer_robi Jennifer on Twitter: @jennifer_robi


Lexie on Instagram: @LEXIERAMIREZ__ Lexie on Twitter: @LexieRamirez__


Missy on Instagram: @missyfloresxo Missy on Twitter: @missyfloresxo


New episodes of DASH Dolls air Sunday nights at 9/8c on E!

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