Daily Starbuzz – April 8, 2010

Heidi Klum has a spicy sex life – Amy Grindhouse

Punk Legend Macolm McLaren dies at 64 – PopEater

Fergie was a cheater – Earsucker

Is getting fat the greatest thing in the world? Kirstie Alley thinks so – Dirty Laundry

Justin and Cameron are flirting on set! – Busy Bee

Carrie Underwood’s getting married soon! – Bumpshack

RIP the inventor of boxed wines – College Candy

“Enter Telephone” GaGa / Metallica mash-up – popbytes

Did they use the wrong parent in the Tiger Woods NIKE ad? – Seriously OMG

Bones has had 100 episodes – I Need My Fix

Is Cameron Diaz pregnant? – The Superficial

Ed Westwick splits with girlfriend – Betty Confidential

Tiger’s Secret Shag Wagon – Hollywood Life

Janice Dickinson sings? – Allie is Wired