Courtney Love in rehab?

Courtney Love is finally seeking help for her addiction to “some nasty sh*t.” (Her words.) It’s not exactly rehab, but Courtney is asking (via Facebook) Keith Richards’ son Marlon, an addictions specialist, to give her treatment at the house she’s staying at in England.

‘It’s an emergency. I only have the house for a week.

‘Hurry Marlon, I need to pack for UK now. I have PA and minder, need nurses and Dr to kick some nasty s**t.’

Court has battled drug addiction for all of her adult life, and although these past few years she has insisted that she’s clean, her behavior has often indicated otherwise.

Last December she lost custody of her daughter with Kurt Cobain, Frances Bean, who has since turned 18 and hasn’t returned home to her mother. Courtney’s often unintelligible Twitter and MySpace accounts have both gotten her in personal and legal battles. In a rare moment of lucidity, she shut down her Twitter account a few months ago because she felt embarrassed after putting up a naked photo of herself.

However, a few days ago, November 20, she was back tweeting provocative photos of herself lounging in a chair wearing lingerie and Louboutins. Today it was reported that she fled the United States for Dorset, U.K., and solicited Keith Richards’ son Marlon for help kicking her addictions.