Conan O’Brien follows Sarah Killen @LovelyButton, has nine secret Twitter accounts: list includes @CoCosBeard @ConansSharpie & @ConansFreckles

Conan O’Brien, lacking a job, is now filling his hours Tweeting in a self-referencing network of Twitter accounts that include his Beard, his Freckles, his ATM card and his squirrel.

They’re full of puns and hilarious accounts of Conan’s cereal eating and television watching habits. It’s actually more funny than his run on The Tonight Show. We can all thank NBC for Conan joining Twitter!

His main account @ConanOBrien recently randomly picked someone to follow, Sarah Killen, a 19-year-old girl who likes gummy dinosaurs and was engaged before CoCo decided to give her the gift of following her. Now, she tells PopEater, her entire wedding is being supplied by companies hoping for some publicity. She even wants to get married on Conan’s new show, if possible, but given the current trend that may mean she’ll be getting married live on Twitter! Exciting.

Here’s a list of Conan’s Twitter accounts the world hasn’t quite discovered yet. They’ll probably be twelve more by the time I publish this post:









And then of course, so ConansSquirrel won’t be lonely: