Did Chelsea Handler dump her “Silver Fox” boyfriend/boss Ted Harbert?

Chelsea is on the outs with her "Silver Fox"

If I worked at E! today would be a Valium day. Things are probably a little tense at the network because Chelsea Handler’s reportedly dumped her direct boss, Comcast CEO Ted Harbert. Gatecrasher says that she made him move out of the house they’ve shared for three years. They didn’t give a reason for the split, but if this true I’m sure Chelsea will run her mouth about it on T.V.

She was always making fun of how old he was, and even blabbed about playing tricks on him. E! hasn’t commented yet, and this all could be made up. Maybe he was just visiting his mistress at the hotel, you just never know.

Whatever the truth is Chelsea is currently secure in her position, she just signed a contract for millions of dollars.

~ Carrie Glass
Photo: Flynet

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